What is a linear cross-belt sorter?

The linear sorter is a kind of linear parcel cross-belt sorter, which is different from the operation mode and layout of the loop cross-belt sorter in the express center and distribution center.

Its existence is mainly for the express delivery industry to solve the problem of terminal inbound dispatch.

It has the characteristics of small floor space, high sorting efficiency, labor saving, energy saving and convenient operation.

With the automation in express delivery enterprises, the linear sorter is favored by automatic sorting users.

 Advantages of Linear Sorter As a "sorting artifact for small and medium-sized outlets".

Linear sorter has obvious advantages: small floor space: linear shape, with the minimum floor space of only about 300 square meters, which can greatly save site area and rent;

Fast sorting speed: the running speed of the line body is 1.0m/s-1.5m/s, and the multi-frequency can be adjusted, thus realizing the sorting efficiency with a real efficiency of about 8,000 PPH;

Simple loading operation: you can manually load the parts, or directly connect to the telescopic machine and belt section, so as to realize automatic loading, automatic sawing and automatic grid dropping, and reduce the manpower investment;

High sorting accuracy: the recognition rate of top scanning bar code is 99%, automatic recognition, automatic blanking, and high accuracy, avoiding the fatigue of manual operation and the wrong sorting penalty caused by errors;

Strong customization flexibility: customized design can be carried out according to the requirements of different sites. The sorting trolley can be selected in specifications of 250mm/400mm/500mm, and the width of the grids of 700mm/750mm/1000mm/1500mm, etc. The trolley tracks can be assembled in a modular way, and the number of grids can be assembled flexibly, which supports inbound/outbound operations.

 Short lead time: Thanks to the standardized composition structure and lightweight overall shape, it takes only 7 days for the linear equipment from production, transportation, assembly to commissioning, which can quickly meet users' needs;

 Cost-effective: The input cost of linear equipment is lower than that of loop line, and at the same time, it can greatly alleviate the efficiency pressure caused by the increase of operating volume, optimize the manpower allocation, complete the tasks of sorting and sending parts more efficiently, and promote the benign operation of outlets. 

Post time: Jan-10-2023
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