Roller centering machine conveyor

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Perfect solution for 7,000PPH efficiency. Our center roller conveyor can transmit parcels in any position in the center. Normally arranged in the front section of the side machine or guide section , and can also be used independently. The sorting efficiency is greatly improved. It is convenient to maintain by friction bottom belt drive. This centering machine is widely used in logistics automation system and parcel express industry. Modular design is convenient for quick configuration and integration into the new conveying system.

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 Roller centering machine features
Centering machine

 Roller centering machine features

Parcels imported from any position can be centered.

The size of the conveyed parcels is 100*100-1000*800.

EIS system: Modular design can achieve quick installation and transportation.

Energy saving and economic design


Pretreatment before logistics sorting.

The confluence of two conveying lines.

Divert to another conveying line.

Can be placed at the front section of the side machine.

Sorting system of parcels, express delivery and intralogistics.

In logistics and other industries, it is necessary to transmit the parcel in the middle of the conveying line, so as to assure the ollowing process operation, such as six-sided code scanning and weighing. In order to realize the random distribution position of parcel to the middle part of conveying line, the rollers conveyor must be inclined, and the rollers are inclined from left to right to the center in the length direction. In addition to the angle of center roller and the length of centering equipment, the connection and fixing mode of center roller directly affects the centering effect of express parcel.

After unloaded parcels come through DWS or singulator ,it will be transmitted by roller centering machine to drive parcels moving in to the middle of the rollers to assure the left and right sorting following process.

Technical Parameters

Centering machine (5)

Reduction motor

Carbon steel frame/plate

Diameter 50 carbon steel galvanized rollers

Parcel length:50-1200mml

Parcel width:50-1000mm

Parcel height:35-800mm

Parcel weight:5-50kg

Speed: 0-2m/s

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