Turning Belt Conveyor For Express /Ecomerce/3Pl/Warehouse

Short Description:

Turning Belt Conveyor speed:

Conveying speed: 25-50m/min (R centering speed) with frequency adjusting speed .

Initial speed: 45m/min

High speed conveying speed:60-120m/min (R centering speed) with frequency adjusting speed .

Initial speed: 90m/min

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Structure principle

Turning belt conveyor is composed of motor, tapered roller, turning belt, head and tail roller, frame body, chain guide strip, driving belt chain strip, chain cover plate, side baffle and protective device.


1: Operation mode of the turning belt conveyor machine: the chain wheel is used to drive the special chain on the outer track of the belt, and then the whole arc-shaped belt is dragged to run through the special connecting buckle on the chain. The belt chain runs in the friction sliding strip in the steel guide strip.

2: Chain guide rail: the upper guide rail is a steel plastic wear strip fixed with flat nails, and the bottom guide rail is an aluminum profile fixed plastic wear strip. The size must correspond to the corresponding model; (Facilitating standardization and enhancing the universality of equipment)


Adopted the patented belt guide technology and tapered pulley, it is famous for its high reliability and quiet operation.

Excellent performance, reliability, energy consumption and easy maintenance.

Strong structure and no belt slip

Easy and quick belt change.

Optimized in terms of weight, space and installation.

Easy to integrate into new and existing parcel handling systems.

The patented belt guide system and tapered roller can maximize the running reliability and stability.

The belt can be changed easily quickly and only require 30minutes to change without stopping machine or only wait a short time for changing work.

Low-tension conveyor belt is driven over the whole belt width, which can realize extremely long service time after deployment.

Technical Parameter


Center turning radius is 1700mm (other dimensions need to be negotiated).

Inner width,600/7000/800/1000/1200mm(Other width requirements need to be negotiated)

Installation Ground support or Hanging

Load capacity Max 50Kg/m (may decrease in special cases)

Belt speed Max1.0m/s according to customer requirements

Turn conveying Angle 30 45 /60/90/180 degrees (other angles need to be negotiated)

Belt brand, type, joint way Yong Li or similar brand. Special turning belt, ring belt or crimped belt.


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