Dijie is automatic sorting solution system integration provides project planning

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Dijie is automatic sorting solution system integration provides project planning, detailed design, manufacturing, assembling, electric control, and IT interconnection.

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System planning and design

In the automatic sorting industry, system planning and design need to consider clients’ site space limit, logistics route, expected sorting throughput, project budget, automation level, operation safety, maintenance, late relocation or expansion and other factors.

System planning and design play a key role in the project, which does not only affect the express company decision-making on project cost, delivery time, etc., but also affects the operation costs for future stage.. Automatic sorting system planning is the gene of the system integrated, which determines the automatic sortation operating level.

System planning and design5

Dijie company always emphasize the importance of system planning, and constantly improve planning procedure and capacity.

With 21 years of project experience on sortation systematic planning and design, , our company had accumulated a lot professional and practical experience in all kinds of manual conveying sorting system, automatic matrix sorting cross-belt sorting system, etc.

Automated sorting system planning is with the advantage of modular, fast, solution cost-effective and Zero-Failure. 

Dijie company is committed to the manufacturer of intelligent sorting system integration, and provide design of all kinds of conveying and sorting equipments’ designing, assembly and system integration services. Automated sortation solution are mainly used in e-commerce express logistics, warehouse Integration industry, retail, pharmaceutical, tobacco industry, airport parcel, and footwear industry, etc., which can realize the whole process from high-speed intelligent sorting to unmanned distribution. In the logistics Industry, Dijie automatic sorting solution is mainly used in large express distribution centers all over the country, through visual, RFID, all kinds of sensors collect information such as parcel bar code, weight and size, which is analyzed and calculated by big data and PLC system. The system realizes accurate and high-speed sorting of parcels. Based on the domestic market demand, Dijie actively develops the South East Asia, Europe, Japan ,South Korea America, South America ,Russia ,India, Middle East  at present. Dijie had provided intelligent sortation solution are JD Logistics, SF Logistics, YTO,STO,ZTO ,DHL,FEDEX and Cross-border e-commerce. Dijie own 2 production bases with high automated and accuracy machining center, large laser cutting, CNC bending machine and welding robot and automatic spraying. The production facilities are complete, with a production line with automatic loading and unloading, and automaton.

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